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Butler High School Renovation and Addition

  • Butler High School Renovation and Addition

Project Description

Location:  Augusta, GA
Client:  Richmond County Board of Education
Architect:  Studio 3 Design Group
Size:  120,000 SF

The Butler High School Renovation project included demolition of existing classrooms and cafeteria, and the addition of new classrooms, science labs, arts classrooms, band and chorus rooms, and a cafeteria.  The high school now features a grand entrance and 60 foot tall welcoming commons area.  The multifunctional space provides the perfect first impression to students, visitors, and faculty of the school.  Design of the space includes a detailed geometric modern terrazzo with six vibrant colors and colorful accent curving and joists.  The additional classrooms, science labs, and cafeteria allow students a creative space to learn and grow.  The entire addition was done while the school was operating.  Upon completion of the building the existing school was demolished and resurfaced as a parking lot.