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Robins Air Force Base Software Support Facility

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Project Description

Location: Robins Air Fort Base, GA
Client: US Army Corps of Engineers
Architect: Cromwell Architects Engineers
Size: 70,000 SF

The Software Support Facility in Robins Air Force Base was a design/build project and McKnight Construction brought in with 35% drawings. McKnight and its design firm were responsible for ensuring completeness of all requirements set forth in the RFP from space and room adjacency requirements, to anti-terrorist protection and LEED compliance. We developed the design and specifications starting from the concept stages and carried it through preliminary design to pre-final and finally final design. The most critical design element was connecting three separate buildings with different elevations to a common connector with a new security entrance. The solution was obtained through a central corrdidor with slope ramps behind a central security checkpoint. McKnight involved the owner, subcontractor and suppliers for all design review meetings. High quality and performance was enhanced by having our subcontractors and suppliers on board right from award and involving them during the design process. This also minimized on construction time for coordination of submittals. McKnight was responsible for obtaining all required permits prior to starting construction, developing a preliminary budget and ensuring that the design and construction stayed within the budget. McKnight provided all on-site organization and management including all labor and materials procurement. McKnight Developed, submitted, implemented and managed all quality control plans, safety plans, project schedules, and project closeout activities. In the end, the project finished 4 months ahead of schedule and received an “Outstanding” rating by US Army Corps of Engineers. McKnight was also given a Safety Award for our efforts during construction.