McKnight Construction Company



McKnight Construction Company is committed to maintaining safe and healthy work environments on all of our operations. We believe that accidents are preventable, and each of us must actively and continuously participate in maintaining safe work standards and anticipating hazards before they arise.  This dedication has allowed us to have exceptional EMR ratings, OSHA reviews, and multiple awards for our safety performance.

In addition to OSHA training, our on-site team is expected follow rigorous protocol and maintain the highest standard.  A unique Safety Manual is produced for every jobsite, and this manual holds particular job protocol to address that job’s challenges and hazards.  Whether is it an occupied school or an occupied jail, we have protocol to address and maintain a safe and functioning site that protects the people and functions of both the work site and the building operations.  Whether it is extreme heat or hurricane evacuation plans, we prepare our teams to adapt and respond to conditions outside of our control in order to maintain control.  Additionally, we contract IMPACT safety consultants to further inspect our performance and environment. This voluntary solicitation of an outside and fresh perspective shows that we aren’t satisfied with meeting basic safety standards, but are dedicated to going the extra step for our employees and our clients.